Knox Street’s Public Improvement District (PID) is a public entity by the City of Dallas for the improvements, projects, and special supplemental services over and above those normally provided by the city. A PID is formed by petition of the property owners in the proposed district. It is a self-imposed tax to pay for enhance services and/or improvements in the district that benefit not only the individual property owners, but also the entire city.

Board Members

Joel Behrens
Lynn Dauterman and Leigh Crow
Hendrika Diehl
Jim Greenfield
Nick Hannon
Justin Schoellkopf

To contact a board member, email

Meetings and Minutes

The most recent meeting minutes may be found here.

Budget and Assessment Rates

Documentation of the current annual assessment rate of Knox Street’s PID and the service plan budget for the 2021, 2022 and the current year have been finalized.

A recent financial audit has also been completed.

If seeking to file a complaint, please contact the Inspector General Division of the Dallas City Attorney’s Office at 877.860.1061 to report unethical conduct or a violation of fraud, waste, or abuse of PID assessments.

Knox Street Public Improvement District
4619 Cole Ave., Dallas, Texas 75205